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15 Oct 2013

Kona Wrap: 4th, 5th for teamTBB at Worlds!

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Ironman World Championships
12 Oct 2013

Another year another world championship where teamTBB shines! This year Caroline Steffen and James Cunnama led the team with a 5th and 4th place respectively.  Dan Halksworth and Per Bittner also battled to the finish! Jodie and MBE were forced to retire from the race due to issues.  MBE was trying to race only 4 weeks after her bike crash and surgery but was not able to finish, and Jodie collapsed mid-run and was taken to the medical tent.

Caroline was hoping for the win at the World Championship, but she had a tough day.  Our warrior Xena battled strong all day long to get 5th. She told us:

No agreement between body and mind at yesterdays race. Stomach cramps in on the bike and Vomit in the run, not so happy day in the office. I try to get the best out of the situation - The Best you can Be. Proud I made the battle. THANKS to my boy David for kicking my a... in the lava fields, was needed. Big thanks to all my sponsors for support and to my Coach Brett for all the hard work.

Dan Halksworth had some bad luck at the start of the bike, but he pushed through to have a solid debut in Kona.  He said:

My race was going well until I received a bogus penalty. Unfortunately it meant I lost contact with the huge lead group and found myself chasing on my own. I found a few smaller groups but struggled a bit towards the end of the bike. My run was okay but not what I wanted.

Finally Per also had a solid race for his first time in Kona.  He reported in to us:

It was hard as i expected; i had a shit swim without power in my arms.... I lost the first group and i swam in second big group till the end the bike part was difficult for me.... stay in the group or ride away. It was a bit of both during the bike course. It felt okay but it wasent fast enough. My run was okay until 30k I was on a 2:50 cours but I got cramps and stomage problems. I am happy that I got to the finish line when I didn't have my best day.


 Congrats to all our teamTBB warriors! Way to battle on a tough day!


Ironman World Championships - Ironman World Championships

teamTBB Athletes Results

Caroline Steffen

James Cunnama

Jodie Swallow

Per Bittner

Dan Halksworth

4th James Cunnama

5th Caroline Steffen