3 Sep 2013

Christian Rules Cologne 226!

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Cologne 226
1 Sep 2013

Christian picked up his second win in just a few short weeks showing he is a dominate force in German long distance racing! Christian showed the competition his strength taking a commanding victory with his closest rival over ten minutes back!  Just last month Christian won the Ostseeman Triathlon and prior to this weekend's race Christian told us:

"I am racing the Cologne 226 triathlon (3,8-180-42,2) this weekend. It is a part of the Cologne triathlon weekend (CTW) which includes a sprint-, olympic distance-, 70.3- and full iron distance triathlon with all in all over 4000 participants. My goal is to defend my last years title and go for the second victory in Cologne. It will be harder this year since the field is a lot deeper than it used to be, but that will mean that I will not be all alone like I was in Ostseeman triathlon. If we can push each other the course will be good for a fast time, since the bike course is dead flat but parts of the course are vulnerable to the wind. Right now it looks like it will be calm on race day with temperatures rising from 12°C in the morning to 20°C in the afternoon. It could get a little warmer from my point of view, but its better than 7°C which we had in last years race in the morning. The swim takes place on a rowing regatta course which makes orientation very easy. It is literally a 1,9K out and back lane swim like in a big swimming pool! The run course is not the easiest one with some bridges a lot of corners and a spiral stairway on each of the three loops, but I like that variety on the run course very much. I think I recovered faster than ever before after Ostseeman triathlon and are really confident that I am able to defend my title. There will be some really fast bike riders on the course, so I have to hold myself a bit back and smash it on the run."

After the race Christian was elated not only did he crush the competition but he also set his fastest time in an Irondistance race.  He took the time to report in to us after his crushing win and said:

"I´m just back in the hotel after the Cologne 226 Triathlon. For the first time since a long time I had a perfect race. I could exit the water with the main group with just two guys which were faster. Afterwards we chased down the leaders within just 15k and I tried to stay in the 3 man lead group for dear life. It was the hardest bike ride I have ever had but I could reach transition with the other two guys (one of them got disqualified for overtaking on the right side) with a 4:22 bike split, which is by far the fastest I have ever had! (18 min faster than last year!!!) I felt really destroyed after that bike ride but I guessed that Jens Kaiser the other guy must feel the same, since he did a lot of  lead work on the bike. After some K´s I felt better than expected and ran away. I could finish the race with a new personal best time of 8hrs17 min. I´m so happy and thankful to everyone who made that possible!"

Big Congrats to Christian on another win! Keep up the amazing races - you're on a roll!

Cologne 226 - Cologne 226

teamTBB Athletes Results

Christian Nitschke

1. Christian Nitschke 8:17:23

2. Jens Kaiser  8:27:43

3. Stefan Eicheimer 8:42:44

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