18 Aug 2013

MB does it 2 years in row!

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Ironman Mont Tremblant
18 Aug 2013
3.8km swim • 180km bike • 42.2km run

Mary Beth wins Ironman North Amercian Championship for the 2nd year.

In a dominant race style we are familair with, Mary Beth Ellis (aka honey badger), just won the Ironman North American Championship in Mont Tremblant. 

For the 2nd year in a row, Mary Beth struck Gold and was crowned the Ironman North American Champion. 

Mary Beth exited the swim in 3rd position with a time of 51mins 43sec and then quickly took the lead on the bike ride as she rode agressive with a time below 5 hours and never looked back from there onwards.

An interesting insight as to why MB rode her bike so agressive and strong, was provided during MB's post media interview.

My coach wanted me to come here and have a real hard bike, just in case in Kona I get isolated and I have to just play defence and keep the time gaps to a minimum coming of he bike. Today was a great test run for the race in 2 months time 

With that feedback from MB, it would of course be interesting to hear from the horse's mouth as to exactly what the race plan was for this event, with of course a view to Kona, taking place in 8 weeks time.

Brett's comments were short and clear as always:

MBE's race today was about 2 things;  showing the Tri world in the USA that her bike has improved massively and hope the draft busters for Kona take note and secondly to give her a new 2013 run technique as a road test off a full 180km all alone ride. I think both missions accomplished

MB had already qualified for the 2013 Ironman Kona World Championships, but with today's race win, she moved into the top spot of the KPR Ranking. 

What a way for MB to prepare for the race of the year, we all can't wait to see our teamTBB Kona qualifiers in action on the 12th of October!

Congrat's to MB with such amazing performance today!



Ironman Mont Tremblant - Race Website

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