16 Jun 2013

Double W's for teamTBB UK!

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70.3 UK, Exmoor, United Kingdom
16 Jun 2013
1.9 km swim • 90km bike • 21.2km run

Double wins for teamTBB UK, our Eimear and Ritchie took the titles at 70.3 UK this weekend After a great early season start, our UK rookies continued their amazing years nabbing their first wins of 2013 in the UK long distance championships this weekend!

Eimear has been on a roll this year with podiums in all her races this season and was very pleased with her first win of 2013. Ritchie is also coming off some great podium result and was excited to take out some top competition to grab his title.

Ritchie told us:

I was really happy to win my first ironman 70.3 against a quality field. I was pleased to swim with the first pack then felt strong on the bike. The run didn't feel good but I worked hard early on the open up a gap on Tim and Fraser.

Eimear reported in to say:

I was really happy to defend my ironman 70.3 uk title. It was a really tough race! I was pleased with my swim but there's still plenty work to do there. I worked hard on the bike to make up time and came into t2 90sec down on holly Lawrence then had to work hard on the run to catch her but was pushed all the way!

70.3 UK, Exmoor, United Kingdom - Race Website

teamTBB Athletes Results

Eimear Mullan
Ritchie Nicholls


1. Ritchie Nicholls (GBR) 4:15:04
2. Tim Don (GBR) 4:20:07
3. Fraser Cartmell (GBR) 4:20:30
4. Will Clarke (GBR) 4:25:51
5. Joe Skipper (GBR) 4:33:35
6. Uwe Widmann (GER) 4:35:28
7. Sam Baxter (GBR) 4:38:30 * M30-34
8. Nick Baldwin (SEY) 4:41:28
9. Lawrence Fanous (JOR) 4:42:13
10. Peter Wilby (GBR) 4:43:39 * M30-34


1. Eimear Mullan (IRL) 4:56:59
2. Holly Lawrence (GBR) 4:58:01
3. Kristin Möller (GER) 5:02:33
4. Amy Forshaw (GBR) 5:12:38
5. Barbara Scherrer (SUI) 5:13:53 * W25-29
6. Carol Bridge (GBR) 5:14:55
7. Alison Rowatt (GBR) 5:20:13 * W25-29
8. Julia Grant (NZL) 5:21:08
9. Vicky Gill (GBR) 5:22:19 * W30-34
10. Jennifer Duffy (IRL) 5:27:13 * W35-39

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