15 Jul 2013

Xena wins & James 2nd in Challenge Roth!

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Challenge Roth, Germany
14 Jul 2013
3.8km swim • 180km bike • 42.2km run

Huge congrats to Xena on her win and James on his 2nd place finish this weekend!

The amazing teamTBB superstars came and dominated in Roth! James defending his title had a great day coming in 2nd. While Xena in her first appearance at Challenge Roth battled strong all day and came up with the win over the course of the marathon. Stephen on the road to full health came up in 22nd and is looking forward to getting back to full strength.

Our Warrior Princess, Xena is excited with her great battle and winning result. She said ,"It was anything else then a perfect day but I got the very best out of it. For once I was the one who catch people in the run and I do can say that's so much more fun then being the rabbit at the front. Today's win means a lot to me, and I finally can tick the box for Challenge Roth, done. Glad I'm back on track. Huge thanks to Brett for all his work the last 2month, I know it wasn't always easy. ."

James the Roth champion in 2012 is back and ready to defend. He hasn't reported to us but on twitter said, "Thank you for all the messages and support. Had to be happy with 2nd yesterday. And I am. Beaten by the better man. Onwards and upwards."

Stephen has been battling back to full health. He said 

I had a good swim, but lost time on the bike, then had a very slow run to finish in 22nd! I knew I wasnt at my best and I am sure the race will do me some good. As always the race was an amazing event, so many spectators. Brilliant volunteers, one of the best race in the world. Congrats to Caroline and James on good races.


Challenge Roth, Germany - Race Website

teamTBB Athletes Results

Alaska teamTBB Philippines athletes racing
Caroline Steffen

Cozumel teamTBB Mexico athletes racing
James Cunnama

teamTBB UK athletes racing
Stephen Bayliss

Top men
1. Dirk Bockel (LUX) 7:52:01
2. James Cunnama (RSA) 8:04:03
3. Timo Bracht (GER) 8:08:18
4. Markus Fachbach (GER) 8:12:13
5. Miguel Blanchart (ESP) 8:13:25

Top women
1. Caroline Steffen (SUI) 8:40:35
2. Yvonne Van Vlerken (AUT) 8:46:22
3. Julia Gajer (GER) 8:51:04
4. Katja Konschak (GER) 9:04:14
5. Joanna Lawn (NZL) 9:09:00

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