16 Apr 2013

2nd for Jodie in South Africa

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The third time was the charm for Jodie! She battled strong all day and grabbed 2nd place in her first Ironman finish.  Jodie had a blazing fast swim and amazing bike to led the women's field into T2 by a massive margin.  Then, she battled tough through the marathon hanging on for 2nd place. James had a solid swim and bike but had some trouble on the run and was forced to pull out of the race.

James tweeted to say

"To go for glory you have to risk spectacular failure in full public view. Ouch. Not my day. Pulling for Jodes now. C'mon girl!"

Then he went on to say later

"Thanks to PE's peeps lining the roads and cheering. Even when I was crawling. You were fantastic! I wasn't. I'll be back."
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