5 Aug 2014

Nitschke takes his 5th win at the Osteeman Triathlon

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With over 2000 participants at the Osteeman Triathlon and a new racecourse, TeamTBB pro athlete Christian Nitschke entered this race determined to win his 5th title and that he did.

After a solid swim, Christian exited the water with a 4 minute lead giving Christian the opportunity to begin the bike course feeling very much in control of his lead and his pace. 

The weather conditions became tough on the bike when starting the 2nd of the 6th loop bike course it started to rain, therefore turning his priorities to not only keeping his lead but to also not crash on the narrow slippery roads. Till Schramm, of Germany, managed to close the gap on the bike entering T2 at the same time as Christian.

Exiting T2 with Till, the start of the run was fast, sub 3.45min/km, but Christian was determined to show Till that this was his race to win. Increasing the gap between himself and Till, Christian was able to extend his lead to 12 minutes, giving him in the end the fastest run split of the day.

Christian crossed the finish line with a time of 8hrs24mins giving him his 5th Osteeman Triathlon title as well as the new course record.

     The atmosphere at the Osteeman Triathlon is amazing with its stunning scenery and the support from the spectators. I get so much support there that I simply had to win. - TeamTBB athlete Christian Nitschke

Alex Bok Manager of TeamTBB had this to say:

     We are very proud of Christian Nitschke going in with such determination and making it a reality by winning and claiming his 5th title at the Osteeman Triathlon.

Congratulations Christian on a great and well deserved win!


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