27 Sep 2013

Animals in SUPERFROG Triathlon!

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29 Sep 2013

The Animals are back racing this weekend! Scottie and Carrie have had a great block in Oceanside California and are ready to race the classic SUPERFROG triathlon that has been going strong since 1979!  Both the Animals have recovered well from their amazing races in Challenge Penticton and will be ready to contend for the titles this weekend!

Carrie told us:

I am racing SUPERFROG on Sunday. I have been pretty tired since Penticton and have enjoyed spending the last few weeks here in California building back into training. This race comes at the perfect time for me to have a shake out and some fun at the same time. Being designed by the Navy SEALs way back in 1979 no doubt it will pose some fun challenges - the surf swim and just under half the run on sand will make me feel right at home!

Scottie reported in to say:

I can't wait to race the iconic SUPERFROG event! Mrs. Animal and I have had a great block here in southern California and are ready to race.  I look forward to shaking out the rust from Challenge Penticton and attacking this event! We are both hoping to be atop the podium!

Best mechanical luck to Scottie and Carrie! We hope to see you both atop the podium!

SUPERFROG Triathlon - SUPERFROG Triathlon

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