28 Aug 2013

Hiro at Home in Sado International Triathlon

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Sado International Triathlon
1 Sep 2013

Hiro is back racing this weekend at the iconic Sado International Triathlon on Sado Island in Japan.  He is very excited as he and his wife Maki just welcomed their first child Sena into the world two weeks ago.  This race is a long standing event with a great course that is challenging and can be very windy and hot. The event draws great competition from across Japan and the rest of the world.

Hiro reported in to say:

"This is very famous as longest triathlon in Japan and it's 25th anniversary race on this time. This is my first time to race Sado. I really wanted to race this. I had my baby two weeks ago called Sena. I want to win for him and my wife Maki."

Best of luck Hiro! We hope you bring home a podium for Maki and Sena! 


Sado International Triathlon - Sado Triathlon

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