28 Aug 2013

Vichy Time for teamTBB

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Challenge Vichy
1 Sep 2013

It is time for another weekend another teamTBB Challenge! This time the team is racing Challenge Vichy in France. In 2013, this race is the ETU Challenge European Championships. Our team hopes to contend for the titles on both the women's and men's races. Our team includes French powercouple Anne Basso and Trevor Delsaut and joining them are our German superstars Diana Riesler and Joseph Spindler.

The race course is tough with a lake swim then the bike is hard with lots of false flat and wind. The run is typically a suffer-fest in the heat. In last year's race the temperature reached 40C, making it a very tough day even with a shortened race distance. In 2013, the race has been moved to September instead of August, so the heat will still be there but shouldn't be as daunting. The competition is a small field outside of our team there are Kristin Lie, Beate Görtz, Dianne McEwan for the women and Massimo Cigana, Jose Jauland for the men.

Trevor reported in prior to the race to say:

 I am finally ready to take on Challenge Vichy after 2 months of hard training. My goal is to run for a podium, and why not come home with the ETU Challenge European Title, and that will be a good launch of the 2nd part of my racing season.

Anne is excited to race and said:

This weekend is for me another opportunity to race, race in France, and keep on pushing my limits on the Iron distance. After Embrunman 2 weeks ago, the race might seem short !

Diana is recovering from her injury and told us:

Looking forward to race Challenge Vichy. It is my first long distance after a long period. Training was going really well over the last weeks and my run performance is coming back. We did a short distance this weekend and I became 1st and Jo was 2nd. It was a god time trail practice for Vichy. My goal is a podium place.

Joseph Spindler reported in to say:

I am hoping to have a good training race in Challenge Vichy for Ironman Wales next weekend. My goal is to have a solid swim and then be tactical on the bike and run.

Best of luck to the teamTBB stars! We hope to see you all on the podium in France!

Challenge Vichy - Challenge Vicy

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