10 Oct 2013

teamTBB ProShop Opens it's doors!

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teamTBB today launched it's global online ProShop, which provides athletes around the world the opportunity to purchase all teamTBB apparel our professional athletes train and race in.

All apparel our athletes will be racing in for the 2013 Ironman World Championship can now be purchased online with stock available for immediate shipping to any country in the world.

Alex Bok Says

It's amazing to see the amount of mails and requests we received over the past few months from people from all over the world who want to purchase teamTBB apparel, as not only do our apparel collections look really cool, people know or have heard form our athletes they deliver an amazing performance and comfort to athletes of all levels.


teamTBB launched today as well the TBB Custom Apparel offering, which takes all the team has learned over the past 7 years in the field of technical performance apparel and is now offering this technology to clubs, team's, corporations, associations and federations to design 100% customized technical sports and casual apparel. 

So get creative, design your own club race kit, performance polo or company cycling kit and send us an email with a request for a quotation, we will get that to you within 24 hours.

Alex Bok continues 

We source the very best fabrics from all over the world, we have received direct input from teamTBB Athletes, teamTBB coaches and head coach Brett Sutton, and combined with our world class TBB apparel manufacturing capabilities in China, we simply deliver some of the best technical apparel available in the market at a really competitive price level. 

Just in our first year of operations, the TBB Apparel brand is proud to be the most used apparel brand in Kona among the 85 professional athletes!"


Last but not least, we also provide from today the amazing saddle collection from Cobb Cycling to teamTBB fans, friends and family. These are the saddles you will hear our teamTBB athletes rave about as these saddles provide total comfort and speed, which is a winning combination when it comes to triathlon racing!

Check us today for a test drive today: www.teamtbb.com/proshop

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