4 Sep 2013

An Iron Lady Legend Retiring: The Amazing Bella Bayliss

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Bella Bayliss is a superstar of the highest order. She is one of the legends who is humble and hard working.  She simply goes about her business, winning races around the world, with no fuss and just getting the job done day in day for over a decade.  Her unmatched determination and amazing work ethic have made her a true champion. 

Many don't realize her amazing credentials: Bella has an untouchable 15 Irondistance Titles as well as a Long Distance World Championship.  But at teamTBB these aren't the only things that Bella has achieved for years she was a threat to win and podium at any race she attended.  In addition, the ability to race Irondistance events over a season is unmatched by any other athlete; Bella could win one weekend and be ready to race again the next. She has inspired the entire teamTBB family with her amazing accomplishments as a team leader over the past 7 years.  It has been our pleasure to watch in awe as she continued to collect wins and podiums in races around the globe. 

This weekend, we are saddened to announce that Challenge Henley will be Bella's last professional race.  We know that she is simply moving on to the next chapter of her life where she will focus on her family and putting her passion into coaching.  We are sure Bella will take the same determination and work ethic and come up with the same success she has had in her own triathlon career. Bella is a true champion, and the sport of triathlon should take the time to pay homage to her amazing accomplishments! Please join us in wishing Bella a great end to her storied career this weekend and wishing her all the success in her next chapter.

Here are a few words from Bella:

I would like to announce today that Challenge Henley will be my last race because I have decided to retire from long distance triathlon. It has not been an easy decision because I dont want to leave the exciting and successful life I have lead for the past 13 years.   As a young girl I always believed and dreamed of being successful, but I dont think I ever imagined doing even half of what I have achieved.   I will never ever forget this unbelievable journey. I have met amazing people on my journey who I could'nt have done it without, John O'Donovan for encouraging me in the very early days of my triathlon career, Darren Smith for taking me to the next level and then for introducing me to my long term coach Brett Sutton who helped me to a magnificent 15 Ironman wins in different parts of the world, a World Championship title, a 7th place in Hawaii and many many more podiums, wins and personal goals.  Now, with Brett's help we have now decided I need to make a change of direction. While I take some time to adjust to this change I will enjoy my favorite job in the world, being Mum to Charlie and I will continue to support Stephen in his training and racing.  I have a real desire to help others in triathlon and I want to give the hope and opportunity that my coaches have given me over the years so I will be actively taking up a new full time coaching role. I want to thank everyone who has supported me in this journey and I wish you all the very best in your upcoming races and beyond. 


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