19 Sep 2013

70.3 Cozumel

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This is a quick feedback from the last weeks and a pre race blog.

Everything here in Cozumel has been going really well. The weather has been a bit crazy, but apart from that everything is just great.  Meeting again with all the team members is always unique and special.

A couple of days ago I had to go for a ride around the island with Celine, and a storm came exactly when we were on the other side (the side where the wind hit you the strongest). It was such a funny ride! We had to stop for around ten minutes to let the storm pass for a while, as the wind was so strong we couldn’t ride anymore, it was getting dangerous. We were laughing out loud at times because we felt so weird being in the middle of that pouring rain with no one around to see those two crazy girls on their bikes hahaha.

I had my last hard training this morning, and now it’s time to recover a bit for the race on Sunday. This will be my second half ironman of the year, and I’m feeling good. So I think I can do good in this race. I will give my best. And I will keep you updated after finishing.  

Thank you for your support and reading,


Ruth Nivon Machoud

Ruth Nivon Machoud

Swiss-Mexican Professional Triathlete, better known as Ruthless. 

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