3 Sep 2013

Back to Paradise, Cozumel

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First of all, I apologize for writing this race report a bit late, but I had some other things to do too. The good thing is that this time helped to clear my mind and put my thoughts in order. I am more relaxed to write about it too.

Veracruz was not a good race for me. My performance there was not as I expected, however, it is still a great learning experience about myself. I have to admit that many things invaded my mind before the race. Concerns, pressure, and things that weren’t really important, but that i made them big things at the end, and they were finally just obstacles for me.  Physically, I had what I needed to do a good race, but I beat myself this time. One of those critical moments in which you need to attack or you’re out of the game, moments that go away in a blink of an eye... I let it go. I apologize for that. Now that it’s clearer for me, I’ll work on this not to do it again. A true thing is that I have something very clear, my goal it’s a long-term one, and this race was just one more step to the top, in which I tripped over, but I continue to go up, step by step.

I had a great swim, so I’m happy about that. I went out of the first transition well, but after that, panic, stress and many other stupid things invaded my thought. The opportunity was gone when I reacted again. This was the experience, but since this moment, it stays in the past and I continue with the things that are to come, working hard and diminishing mistakes to the maximum.

On the other hand, I’m now back here in Cozumel, one of my favourite places to train. Everything is going well here. It has rained a lot the last couple of days, but it is also really fun, and it diminish the temperature a bit... because it is really hot! This is all for now, I’ll tell you how things are going later.

Thanks for reading!  

Ruth Nivon Machoud

Ruth Nivon Machoud

Swiss-Mexican Professional Triathlete, better known as Ruthless. 

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