12 Jun 2014

World Championship Duathlon, Pontevedra, Spain

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Race at 6.00 pm, so the day was a long time waiting!
Wake up at 10:30, nice breakfast, preparing stuffs for the race, 2.00 pm diner, then going to pu the bike in the transition, check etc.
Then in the bike park, there is a "show", each athlete is called one by one, then runs 200m in front of the crowd to get to the starting line. Background music: the generic Pirate of the Caribbean!
As number 18 on the 70, I was in front of the line!

Boom, the start is given, the starting point for 4tours 2.5km, it is very hot, full sun and lots of wind!
I started with high speed but it was a bit hard for the first 7 km. Altough I finished well ... well, less than expected but given the training conditions of my 3lasts weeks I sorely lacked speed.

Bike, 5km 40km 8loops. Ascent and descent, 3 rond-about and all that 8times!
I was in the fourth group with a few other riders, we return quickly to a small group. Before there is a group of 8 top then a group of 6. We are ten in the 3rdgroup.

Taken up ground on those in front but behind a huge package comes little by little.

After 6laps, we were taken by the packet 15personnes, and a few meters after we took the 2nd group. We therefore 10km from the end of the bike with a group of 30athletes. This is war, everyone tries to place to manage attacks and avoid breaks in the group. The descent is a 65km / h in short, a little creepy!

I play it cool and especially "safe" before returning to the bike park.

We all came together in the park which is 50m long and 5m wide. Everyone tries to put his bike and walk as soon as possible. In this game I'm doing pretty well because I go in the right half.

The last run: 5km 2laps. It was hard start because the bike was hard!
I leave the legs hard but little by little, the pace accelerates, some show me and I am, in our turn to pass. And finally, I finished strong, sprinting for 15th place (significant of "Prize Money"). I later learned that there are 3 MU23 (men Under 23 years old) who run a ranking hand. So I was a 12th place among Elites (24years and over).

Achieved, as in making that experience the joy of participating in such an event.
Physical and mental part were against by not at the top. But I will aim for better in the years to come!
Hoping to avoid diseases, car crash and other injuries.

Thank you for your encouragement and support!

Francois Humblet

Francois Humblet

Pro Triathlete & Duathlete on Sprint, Olympic and Half Distances

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