28 Nov 2013

Giving thanks

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful for all the challenges I have had to face in my life  thus far.  I see life as an adventure and I'm certain there are going to me more challenges ahead and I am ready.  It has always been my view that everything happens for a reason , good and bad, you can chose to lay down  and  be the victim or stand up and fight on   I have been blessed with great  experiences  and  horrible  experiences, things I could never imagine that I could get through.  What I have come to realize in this last year is that it is not my body that makes me strong  it is my faith.  Today I can say that  I have truly learned what it means to forgive and for that I could not be more thankful. If I had to go back and live my life over again I wouldn't change a thing..

Jill Fry

Jill Fry

Mother of four, grandmother, triathlete, coach. 

Working hard to be the best I can be. 

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