3 Nov 2013

An excuse you might heard 100 times...

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What should I do? A long time I thought what to write in my blog about IM Florida and why I didn’t finish. I don’t want that it sounds bitchy. But I’ve seldom through lived so much unfairness. The start of the race was terrible – after a few seconds the leading group has gone. My coach Jo told me after the race that all the girls who stood right of the start line got away and the girls on my side got stacked because of the current and big waves. OK, this was my fault. Added to this my arms felt awfully and little times a hanged in the buoys because the current was too strong. But nevertheless I made the best out of it. Sadly I missed the big girls group. At this time I was 16th… On the bike I put my head down and was overtaking one after the other and after 20miles I was in 7th position. I don’t want to tell you the excuses you’ve maybe heard 100times but a referee was the opinion that I was drafting and gave me a penalty! Just to say it again: I was overtaking almost 10 girls within 20miles where I saw real drafting. I always leave 10meters between my bike and the guy in front of me! There was no warning – just a smile and the red card. OK, I thought the race might be not over – after the penalty I put my head down again and collected all the girls again – closed the gap to the big girls group. Some of them drafted at my back but the most of them had no chance to hang on and I was in 8th position again. I thought: maybe this could be still a good race. But at the 2nd turn around (95miles into the race) there was a massive group of AgeGroupers with all the overtaken Pros 500meters behind me. My mode sank down and it was like a 2nd penalty. It was a pure draft festival. I let them cycle by and stayed at the back and was again in 14th position within seconds – beforehand I took them 8mins and more away! I almost had tears in my eyes and no one got a penalty of them although the referee was driving next to them… I went out on the run course and was fulfilled with disbelieve what has happened out there. Beside: they promised us to let the Age Groupers start 10mins behind us but in the morning they switched it to 5mins…

After 2miles into the run my coach caught me and said I should drop out – and save the power for Arizona! I destroyed his day because he was jumping up and down in front of the live tracker – great first split – terrible 2nd one – great splits in between but at the end terrible again…

For sure I should have swam better and maybe cycled much faster but you have almost no chance when a pack of athletes is cheating you and you cycle alone in the wind. Even with my penalty I cycled one of the faster bike splits – the P5 is a really great bike! Love it.

One thing is still upsetting me: what can I do in my next race to avoid a penalty? Not really sure about that because in my opinion I did nothing wrong.

It was a good training day and a good preparation for IM Arizona in 2 weeks time.

See you there!



Diana Riesler

Diana Riesler

The nature girl from Germany who becomes a steam machine on the bike

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