19 Jul 2014

TeamTBB wishes James Cunnama the best of luck at Challenge Roth

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TeamTBB wishes former TeamTBB professional athlete James Cunnama the best of luck at tomorrows Challenge Roth.

Cunnama talks to Bob about  his time with TeamTBB and how they helped him develop from a regular athlete into a professional triathlete through their elite development athlete programme by taking him in,  paid him a salary and shaped him into the athlete he is today. 


     I will always remember the opportunities TeamTBB gave me and without that who knows where I would be - James Cunnama

Teamtbb are proud of all their former and current athletes and look forward to continuing to follow through with their vision to help athletes realise their dreams through the elite development programme.

James Cunnama and the rest of the field can be followed through the following link www.challenge-roth.com


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